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see We believe creating tasty yummy food, sharing and enjoying it with family and friends, helps make the world a better place!

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check over here Yummy! Ideas has evolved! We now offer a reaffirmed commitment to growing our collection of recipes and menus inspired by flavour and tastes from all over the world and are excited to share our creations with family and friends! My daughter & co-founder, Meg, continues to manage Yummy! Ideas from Melbourne – her “young eyes”, her experience with design and computers, and her growing appreciation for quality produce complement my 15+ years commercial kitchen experience and ridiculous single minded interest in food, nutrition & entertaining!

see url After our launch in 2015 with our first Date Night product; Yummy! Ideas delved into a world of flavour with ‘fatto a mano’ (handmade) Herb and Spice Blends.  And now, in 2017, our travels have helped us realise that sharing different techniques and flavour blends inter – culturally is not only welcomed but a super way to create and offer something different at your family table!

Our good fortune to travel the world experiencing many cuisines (especially enjoying the informality of home cooking) helps us understand that no matter where one lives; home cooking is vital to connecting families and communities. Another really exciting benefit of sampling cuisines locally is being able to bring that knowledge to our own tables. I am enjoying the process of recreating recipes from our travels with local ingredients and making them available on our website.

partnervermittlung moldawien ukraine Happy Cooking!

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