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Roast Beetroot & Marinated Goat Cheese Starter

Roast Beetroot & Marinated Goat Cheese Starter

enter site see Serves 2

watch Roast Beetroot & Marinated Goat Cheese Starter is super quick to put together as you can buy lovely roast beetroots at the grocer as well as the marinated cheese (our favourite is Meredith Dairy) .  If you want to roast your own beetroot check out the tweaks section for how we do it –


  • 2 beetroots,  roasted , peeled
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • olive oil to drizzle
  • 2 cubes of Meredith Dairy marinated goat cheese, crumbled
  • 2 T toasted pine nuts
  • fresh mint leaves


  • cutting board
  • small sharp knife
  • small fry pan to dry toast the pine nuts

source Put the pine nuts in a fry pan on low heat.  Keep an eye on these so they don’t burn – a nice dark brown colour brings out a lovely flavour.  Remove from the pan to stop cooking – or take off the heat before they finish toasting all the way and leave in the pan to finish.  Either way is good! Cut the beetroot into small cubes and place one on each plate Crumble one square of the goat cheese on top of each beetroot

Wash the fresh mint leaves, pat dry and then scatter however much you prefer on top of the cheese

Sprinkle half of the pine nuts on top of each plate

Season with salt (Himalayan pink salt is our favourite) and freshly ground pepper    (Saltt Queensland grown pepper is our favourite)

Drizzle with olive oil (Extra Virgin Olive Oil has the best flavour for salads)

Serve and enjoy!




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